Modernism & Post-Modernism are to the 20th century what steam
engines were to the preceding hundred years.

Fossil fuel defines the 1900s by burning dinosaur bones in order
to launch rocket ships that put feet on the moon.

Similarly, Modernist & Post-Modernist artists burned through
the past with energy both destroying & rebuilding civilization.

The image of Finnegan hoisting bricks up the Woolworth Building
is as iconic to this parable of modernity as King Kong, the
classic ape of Irish American identity.

We explore Irish contributions made by "Founding Fathers" of
revolutions that produced our world today, in theater with
Synge & Eugene O'Neill; in novels with James Joyce & Flann
O'Brien; and in poetry with Yeats & Heaney.

Eugene O'Neill & his wolfhound Finn Mac Cool. Modernism's Irish Literary vein ran deeply through New York City and Dublin in the same era. Gaelic Gotham presents (Post)Modernism & The Irish Vibe: an exhibition of Neo-Celtic Awakening.